Garden & Farm Visits

Garden Visit: Cedar Grove


Today we visited Cedar Grove, one of the historic summer houses of Fairmount Park managed by the Art Museum, for a tour. The history of the house, first located in Frankford and moved to the current location only last century, was fascinating, but we were there for the demonstration kitchen garden. Planted out in three raised beds, the kitchen garden was a mostly perennial combination of greens and medicinal plants.

We were invited to take shoots for our own garden, and dug up some Lovage – a perennial herb that looks and tastes similar to celery. PHS was also on hand with free seedlings and plenty of spring planting advice. It was an incredibly interesting and useful peek at a time when a garden might have supplied more than just food. Our favorite odd plant – Tansy, which was toxic and used to induce nausea in case of a bout of worms, for example. We left that one behind.

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