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Some Lessons from a Beach Garden

Last week we visited Beach Plum Farm, which in addition to operating a farm stand also supplies several restaurants in Cape May with fresh produce, eggs and pork. We’ve toured the fields before, but new this year was a large section of raised beds behind the farmstand with all manner of vegetables growing. The beds were beautiful, but by no means ornamental and already producing a serious amount of vegetables given their size.

We were excited to see tomatoes tied between two stakes with taut twine, as we learned to do years ago at Greensgrow Farm. The system works beautifully in small plots if you have the time to devote to keeping up with the growth.

These zucchini plants amazed us – when crowded as they are, the leaves just grow upward instead of spreading out.

We took note of the variety of corn growing here. These are much smaller plants than those we grew last year but with lots of ears already well formed.

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