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When the Farm Stops Coming to You

Despite the ever expanding selection offered with Winter Harvest, it’s hard not to miss Headhouse Farmers’ Market once it wraps up for the season. Seems like as good an excuse as any to visit one of the many nearby farm stores. We went to two of our favorites on Monday: Griggstown Market and Cherry Grove Farm Store, both a few minutes away from one another in the Princeton area.


Cherry Grove Farm creates an amazing array of cheeses, the making of which you can often view right through the window at the Farm Store as you buy. We took home a Full Nettle Jack – worth it for the name alone, but also herby and creamy. The Farm Store also carries Cherry Grove’s own pasture raised meats and eggs, and dozens of products from local and regional farms and producers. The beeswax candle scented with lavender essential oil would have made a wonderful gift, but we were content to keep it for ourselves.

If you haven’t had a Griggstown pot pie, you’ve got a long, cold winter to correct that. My very favorite is chicken, but they do beef, turkey, vegetarian and Shepherd’s pies, along with whole and ground chicken and poussin, and a variety of meatballs and sausages. There’s even a prepared food counter, soups and chili, local milk and eggs, fruit pies and seasonal produce.

Both stores are open seven days and easily provide one stop dinner shopping.

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