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Monday, November 26, 2007

So!  CSA shares have ended, the Thanksgiving cooking extravaganza is over—and you may be feeling that your pantry/refrigerator is rather bare now, your local food supply (and supply of sugar for baking, in my case) more than decimated.

Well really, I’m sure none of you are despairing about places to purchase local food over the winter.  E.g., the Fair Food Farmstand in Reading Terminal is still open Tues.-Sun., and we have plenty of varieties of leafy greens and tubers to explore.  smile  But here’s another excellent way to continue purchasing local food over the winter—Farm to City’s Winter Harvest buying club!  I’ll describe the buying club a bit, then you should rush out and join—the deadline for the current ordering period (for deliveries during DECEMBER) is 5 pm on Wed., 28 Nov.  (My apologies for not posting this earlier to give you more time to investigate, but the good news is that we are now set up to accept initial payments by credit card through PayPal, rather than merely snail-mailing a check.  Or no worries, you can start ordering any month—place an order at the end of Dec. for deliveries during JANUARY.)

Winter Harvest is a buying club facilitated by Farm to City, designed to conveniently bring local food to urban residents during the wintertime.  There is still plenty of food that can be locally produced or stored over the winter, such as grass-fed meats, raw milk and cheeses and other dairy goods, spices, jarred goods, skincare products, and even some vegetables.  Currently we have over 400 available products; check out the list at our website (Farm to City website @ -> buying clubs -> Philadelphia Winter Harvest.)

Here’s how it works.  You send a $50 check to our bookkeeper at the usps mailing address listed under ‘Ordering Instructions’—OR, newly-available, you can use PayPal.  Note that you are not buying a ‘share’ or paying an extra membership fee.  This $50 does make you a ‘Winter Harvest member’ inasmuch as you receive a password-protected account on the Farm to City website through which you place your orders, but that $50 is entirely contributed to your first order(s).  During the ordering period, which is approximately the last week of a month (e.g., November), you place your order for the next month (e.g., December).  Because it’s a buying club, you can order whatever and however much food you would like, and you schedule the frequency of delivery.  You pick a drop site that is convenient for you, and you can choose deliveries weekly, every other week, or monthly.  So, one person may order half a gallon of raw milk once a month, and another household may receive a large order of meats and vegetables every week.

Check it out!  (And perhaps mention if you found out about the program through this blog; I’m curious whether this is an announcement about a new resource for people.)

Posted by Joanna on 11/26 at 04:04 PM

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