Philly Wine Week 2016

Sunday, April 03, 2016


Philadelphia Wine Week 2016 has officially begun.  And the only thing that makes me happier than the proliferation of “natural” wines at this year’s offerings is the proliferation of local wines.  Here’s what’s going in local wines:

- On Monday, Robert Burke of Karamoor Estate (Ft. Washington, PA) will be at Martha.
- On Wednesday, Panorama is hosting a “Blind Challenge” of Pennsylvania wines.  Included will be one my personal favorites: Galen Glen.  Also, Pinot Boutique is hosting a local wine, cheese, chocolate, and (why not?) bacon jams tasting.  Heritage will have Tom Sharko of Alba Vineyard, Kevin Robinson of Karamoor Estate, and Richard Heritage of Heritage Vineyards.  However, the big local wine event of the night (and week, really) is a wine dinner with Anthony Vietri of Va La Vineyards at Martha.  It was already sold out when I called last week, but I have my fingers crossed for a cancellation or two.
- On Thursday, Martha is again hosting a Meet the Winemaker event, this time with Rich Heritage and Sean Comninos of Heritage Vineyards.
- On Friday, Pino Boutique is hosting a Local vs. Non-Local Wine Event.
- On Saturday, Jet Wine Bar is hosting an interesting combination of ornithology and enology.  Pennsylvania Birds and Wine is from 3 to 5.
- On Sunday April 10th, Long Island’s Wolffer Estate will be featured in a wine dinner at Fork.  Wolffer is one of the finest wineries in an area packed with them.  If you have any interest in Long Island wine, this one is not to be missed. 
- Finally, Paris Wine Bar, which features Pennsylvania wines, is running special events all week. 

For additional information, reservations, and tickets, go to Philadelphia Wine Week

Posted by Kevin on 04/03 at 12:16 PM

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