One Local Summer: Southern, week 2

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It seems like summer only just began and yet we are already nearing the end of strawberry season here in the south. Of course, there are still plenty of leafy greens filling up those CSA boxes, and this week’s meals incorporated garlic scapes, leeks, cabbage, chard, spinach, kale and more.

North Carolina
Melissa of Rabbit Tree Hill prepared a dinner of very local, garlic-braised venison, home-grown Japanese Long cucumbers, and, in a last-minute substitution any parent will understand, not-so-local jasmine rice.

Tennessee Locavore had an abundant week of summer squash and salads, and shares recipes for polenta with garlicky greens and potato leek soup.

Sarah of A Girl Named Go joins in this week with a quiche, and solves the local-flour dilemma with a potato crust. Sarah also mentions a favorite cookbook to draw inspiration from, Simply in Season.

Burrow House shares a full day of local eating, from whole wheat pancakes at breakfast, to eggs, snap peas and beets for lunch, and for dinner, a spinach and squash quiche and salad topped with radishes, raspberries and blue cheese dressing (recipe included).

Sylvie at Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener writes “Of Hot Dogs and New Potatoes” this week, as well as savory oven tomato preserve (from last summer), steaks, and an eye-catching dessert of minty strawberry sorbet, topped with vanilla whipped cream and red fruit medley (strawberries, alpine strawberries, raspberries and currants).

Keeping Up with K makes a veggie-laden frittata with asparagus, chard and parmesan cheese—and dishes up a great tutorial to a perfectly cooked frittata.

At Nana Sadie’s Place, Nana Sadie learns to love Swiss chard, topped off with some fuschia radishes.

Elizabeth of Caveman Food intended to make a meal of kale, potatoes, and Cibola Farms buffalo sausage (a favorite of mine as well), but was distracted by a trip to the zoo. I’m sure the dinner was just as good the next day. smile

Nancy of Learning As I Go took local eating on the road with a visit to family in Washington state’s Skaggit Valley, enjoying organic baby carrots, heirloom tomatoes (!), strawberries, rhubarb, and grass-fed hamburgers. 

Jasmine at Knitting 40 Shades of Green made a savory crepe incorporating garlic scapes and dill in the batter and filling them with squash, sweet potato, onion and feta.

And at FoodieTots, we grilled garlic scapes to accompany buffalo steaks, had homemade slightly-local brioche, and savored the first cherries from DC’s Eastern Market (at a Kids’ Restaurant Week event at the market).

District of Columbia
Erin checks in from the District this week with some more of those gorgeous strawberries. Erin doesn’t have a blog so here’s her full report:

“Technically, this is local meal #3, but since I neither photographed nor wrote up a description of my last meal, I’m thinking it doesn’t count. (In case you’re curious, though, it was another tartine—same Atwater bread, same delicious goat cheese, but this time with sliced tomatoes and a side of strawberries.)

Today, I made a very simple potato salad with baby red potatoes, yogurt from Blue Ridge Dairy, chives, salt, and pepper. I had that with a slice of country white bread from Atwater, toasted with some butter from Blue Ridge. And, I had a bowl of strawberries. I’ve learned my lesson about strawberries—eat them the day you get them, on the way home from the market if possible. They go bad so quickly…

I was able to visit two farmers markers today—Mt. Pleasant and U Street. At the U Street market I picked up some fresh fava beans, which I am so excited to use (any ideas?). I’m actually looking forward to the labor-intensive shelling, even. I just hope I got enough. I also got some kale that I am planning to saute with garlic and white beans sometime this week. That will definitely not count as a local meal, though, what with the canned beans.”

Updated 6/19: I missed this entry from Walnut Spinney in VA, but wouldn’t want you all to miss her lovely local tail-gating lunch of egg salad, with homemade mayonnaise and homemade crackers, peas, turnips and berries. It’s not always easy to eat local while on the road, so I’m always impressed when people manage to plan ahead and do so.

It’s been a little drier around Virginia this week, and summer squash and berries have begun to appear at the markets. Here’s to another delicious week of local eating!

- Colleen


Posted by OLS Southern Regional Coordinator on 06/17 at 02:23 AM

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