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Sunday, June 01, 2008

For those playing along with the One Local Summer challenge, we thought it might be nice to get to know your regional coordinator a little.


Western Region.  As a brand new farmer, Laura is still discovering the ins and outs of growing her own food and living sustainably outside of town. She, along with her husband, 2 large dogs, cat and 15 chickens live on 3.5 acres in Arlington, WA. By day she’s in marketing, but by night she’s learning to can, freeze, preserve, grow and bake - plus vital skills like fence building, rototilling and shocking the well. Everything you need to know if you someday want to drop off the grid and only go to town for sugar and coffee.


New England Region.  For the last year, Kim has been eating as locally as possible in central New Hampshire.  This has resulted in many adventures like learning about canning and freezing, rendering lard and finding sources for local meat. Along the way she’s been learning a little bit about digital photography and a lot about how many ways to prepare butternut squash.  Kim chronicles her adventures at Yankee Food.


Midwest Region  This is Debbie’s second “One Local Summer” summer.  She lives in a college town in Iowa and is a vegan, which makes finding local protein sources pretty challenging.  She lives alone except for the company of Buddy, an impossibly cute and tiny rat terrier and his bigger, but younger, sister Frankie, a calico cat, in an apartment with no growing space, not even a balcony.  Her primary local food sources are a wonderful natural-food coop, her CSA and the farmer’s market.  She’s looking forward to getting started!


Southern regionJoyce is a 30-something living in North Carolina with her wonderful partner Jeff, three cats, and one hamster.  She is finishing up her masters degree, and will be teaching community college in the fall. She also reads, knits, cooks, and volunteers with ESL classes, and sits on the board of directors for her local co-op.  Her biggest goal this summer (besides defending her thesis) is to finally learn how to can (and to raid her dad’s garden in the process).


Mid-Atlantic Region. Elizabeth, one of the coordinators of the Mid-Altantic region, has been blogging since 2006. A writer by trade, she began her blog, Seedling, in order to document her exploits cultivating a very small patch of suburbia. Ultimately she’d like to do away with her lawn altogether. Until then she has numerous flower beds, a veggie patch and a baby daughter to keep her busy. Elizabeth is passionate about cooking, food and food politics. A native of the Garden State, Elizabeth’s adventures in local eating have led to all sorts of tasty finds from grass-fed beef to farm-fresh veggies, homemade cheese, pasta and more. What’s more, she’s happy to share her sources with anyone interested.

Mid-Atlantic Region.  Nicole, the other of the two regional coordinators for the Mid-Altantic region, is the owner and one of the contributors to the Farm to Philly site.  She grows about 15% of her own food in a small garden at her Delco home (while her husband, dog, and three cats look on) and continues to take over more and more of the yard for edible landscaping.  Nicole’s day job is Director of Development for a bi-national reproductive rights nonprofit.  And in her spare time she goes sky diving, volunteers at Planned Parenthood and the Fair Food Farmstand, and is on a local dragon boat team.

International RegionJoanna.  no bio available.

Posted by Nicole on 06/01 at 01:38 PM

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