New Twist on an Old Dish

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


One of the vendors we religiously shop at Headhouse Market is Shore Catch.  Shopping there as much as we do, we inevitably repeat some recipes once we bring the fish and shellfish home.  So, there is a perpetual urge to find new recipes. 

This one, taken from the indispensable River Cottage Fish, gave me two twists on something I thought I knew inside out: spaghetti and clams.  Growing up Italian-American in South Jersey, it was impossible not to see this at Sunday dinners and Seven Fishes.  Therefore, I was surprised to see a version use actual cream (completely new to me) with clams that were fresh but removed from their shells - I was accustomed to thinking of either fresh clams in their shells or canned clams.  Most importantly, it called for fresh pasta.  In retrospect the fresh pasta makes perfect sense - being, as it is, ideally suited to richer, cream or butter-based sauces, but for someone raised on spaghetti and clams in white sauce, this was a revelation. 

Discoveries aside, the dinner still needs refinement.  Not having any white wine at hand (i.e., my stock of Galen Glen Gruner Veltliner having long run dry), I resorted to a bit of pasta water.  The resulting sauce was a little too light and simple.  A glass of white wine may have added the depth and viscosity it needed.  However, in a nod to my favorite dish from Bistro La Minette, I would also be tempted to add some fresh tarragon to the sauce as well.  Either way, from now on if it’s clams in white sauce, it’s going to be fresh pasta. 

Posted by Kevin on 06/10 at 03:14 PM

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