For the love of Vrapple

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Every since Sarah Cain (the co-manager of the Fair Food Farmstand) started producing Vrapple, I’ve been wondering what it tastes like.  Sarah said it was really good…but the idea of vegetarian scrapple sort of scared me.  Why?  Because scrapple scares me.  I’ve seen it made and I know what happens.  It’s gross.

But I finally broke down and bought a block of Vrapple, determined to taste it before passing judgment.  According to Sarah, Vrapple has sort of a Thanksgiving stuffing kind of a taste because of all the spices, but it’s basically just seitan mixed with buckwheat and cornmeal (both locally grown and milled) and a few other things.  And it tastes kinda like scrapple.


The other night I made a vegetable pot pie and decided to chop up the Vrapple and throw it in.  I loved it and my husband hated it.  Of course, in my husband’s case, this was not exactly a surprise: no matter what the taste, he hates anything that is a meat substitute simply on principle.

The Vrapple didn’t really stay chunky when mixed into the other vegetables for the pot pie.  Rather, it got very crumbly.  I think it would probably make a really good meat substitute for, say, tacos.  But it made for a really good pot pie filling, and it definitely gets better the second day.  In fact, I will be eating leftovers today for lunch.

Of course, my very favorite thing about Vrapple isn’t the Vrapple itself; it’s the tag lines.  The latest comes just in time for the upcoming season of Lent: It’s tasty to repent; eat Vrapple for Lent!

Posted by Nicole on 02/10 at 01:25 PM

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