Another Season, Another Swap

Sunday, July 13, 2014


On Tuesday night, we participated in our sixth food swap sponsored by Philly Swappers, who host four swaps a year.  The summer and fall swaps are by far our favorites, as the range of local produce available makes for endless preserving and baking possibilities.  With each swap, we learn a bit more about what makes for a popular swap item. 


For Tuesday’s swap, we brought Momofuku pickles, a simple quick pickle we’ve brought to every summer or fall swap, kale pesto, and giant meringues based on Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipe.  The kale came from our garden, and the pesto recipe was unique in that it didn’t require any type of nuts, a great option to offer at a swap to those with nut allergies.  The meringues - by far the most popular item we brought this swap - were essentially a byproduct of the gelato we’d made, as they were little more than egg whites and sugar flavored with a walnut liqueur.  I’d been making meringue since our first swap, but was never happy with the tiny, deflated bits my recipe turned out.  Then we went to Borough Market in London last summer and saw giant, fluffy scoops of meringue dusted with nuts or dried fruit.  Turns out these and dozens of others were imitations of Ottolenghi’s, who adapts a traditional recipe with the simple process of heating the sugar before adding to the egg whites.


The swaps are always delightfully full of creative and novel foods, and this one was no exception.  At least two swappers offerd kimchi, one with cabbage and one with zucchini.  A few other swappers offered a either quick or naturally fermented pickle like we did, which I love for their mellow, half-sour taste.  We’ve seen kombucha at several swaps, but finally took a lovely blueberry ginger flavor this time.  We used the zucchini butter, recommended for crostini, tossed in pasta the next night and it was delicious.  The tahini cookies barely made it home. 


Looking forward to the next swap in October

Posted by Donna on 07/13 at 05:50 AM

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