One Local Summer

Week 8: Western Region

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I’m glad to see that the record high temperatures in the West haven’t kept my stalwart regulars from participating this week.

Blistering heat in Portland convinced Joan of Old Dog…New Tricks to escape to the coast, where she picked up some fresh local crab, and ate it with a lovely stuffed squash dish. Sounds delectable, and her post made me miss living by the ocean all the more.

Anita of Married…With Dinner kind of lost track of time this week, so she tells us about a tasty Pea and Radish Salad with Feta she made earlier in the growing season, which she found to be the perfect balance of crisp and creamy.

Beany of The Middle Way made a quick local (and what looks like filling!) lunch this past week of egg curry using local eggs, tomatoes and onion, paired with her husband’s lentil curry, local lettuce, and some rice. Looks delish!

Kathleen of Our Life in the Country, up to her eyeballs in zucchini (boy, can I relate - who knew a single plant could be so damn prolific?), decided to use them up by stuffing them with a mostly local turkey sausage mixture. Definitely a good way to use up all that squash.

Hard to believe it’s almost August already, and there’s only a month or so left of One Local Summer. I have no doubt that these ladies will continue to surprise us with their creativity as we move into the final stretch…

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One Local Summer: Southern, week 8

Summer produce continues its slow and steady arrival here in the Southeast, with onions, tomatoes, green beans and okra making appearances in this week’s meals.


Kristina the Tennessee Locavore dishes on her new-found love, roasted green beans, served in a sweet and simple meal with salt boiled new potatoes and tomatoes from her garden.

Melissa of Bridgman Pottery shares her advice for what to do when you have a bountiful fig harvest on your hands, and used some cheesy grits to mask some produce her boys don’t like, along with a cucumber-yogurt-basil salad.

Sarah at A Girl Named Go celebrates four new items in her garden harvest, onions, carrots, edamame and cherry tomatoes, with a flavorful yet labor-intensive onion tart (pictured above) and carrot beet salad.

District of Columbia

Erin of New at the Market prepared a local brunch with purple potato home fries, spicy Mexican-style scrambled eggs, slow-roasted tomatoes, salad with red currants, melon, peasant wheat toast with jam, and of course, mimosas.


Jasmine of Knitting 40 Shades of Green makes buckwheat crepes filled with tomatoes, corn and okra, served with a watermelon salad and sweet potato. (Plus cherry amaretto cookies for dessert, yum.)

Nancy of Learning As I Go was too busy to blog this week (something I’m sure we can all relate to as summer whizzes by) but sends a note: “Our meal this week was grilled chicken kebabs with baby bell peppers (so cute!) mushrooms, and tomatoes.”

Here at FoodieTots, an empty post-vacation fridge and meager offerings in our weekly CSA bag led to a veggie-heavy nacho supper.

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One Local Summer, Southern: Week 7

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It’s a light week for reports from the Southern region, but tomatoes are finally ripening across the region and took a starring role in many of this week’s dishes:


Kristina the Tennessee Locavore shares a creative way to use up an assortment of veggies—e.g. cabbage, carrots, kohlrabi, zucchini—with Okonomiyaki, or Japanese pizza.

Melissa of Bridgman Pottery made a delicious meal by accident when a lack of bread and mayonnaise led to a BLT salad.

Sarah at A Girl Named Go shares her reflections on the film Food Inc. and gardening as a subversive act, and a recipe for a vegetable-stuffed tomato that solved the dilemma of what to eat after watching the film.

District of Columbia

Erin of New at the Market made a local pasta with broccoli, garlic and goat cheese.


Nancy of Learning As I Go cooked up a savory tomato tart—with a clever substitute for celery, which is hard to find locally grown—fresh corn on the cob, and greens tossed with a honey-mustard vinaigrette (local mustard, local vinegar, local honey).

Sylvie the Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener savors the lingering greens, thanks to our cooler than usual start to summer, in her garden and makes a colorful home-grown summer lunch.

Nana Sadie is struggling to use all of her CSA share, but tackled a bunch of basil by making pesto for pasta.

The FoodieTots family took our annual trip to the Pacific Northwest, where we didn’t cook but ate local, healthy fast food and snacked on gobs of farm fresh and vine-plucked berries.

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One Local Summer Week 7: Northeast

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 7 here in the Northeast and everyone is still going strong! Melissa really went all out with this week and her hard work paid off. She made good use of her homegrown zucchini and also made some bison ravioli from scratch! Sounds like she’ll also have plenty of leftovers to freeze for later.

Corn is finally here along with all those delicious summer fruits. Sandra grilled up some chicken, corn and potatoes and topped off the meal with plenty of fresh fruit.I’m sure she’s not the only one who’s glad to be transitioning from spring into summer produce.

Mama Urchin raided her fridge for some leftovers and came up with a pasta dish made with cheese sauce, chicken, vegetables and basil. Amazing that she managed to use up so many odds and ends and that almost everything was local.

Leslie of CCDwell was intrigued by something called a lemon cucumber. She found them at the Kennett Farmer’s Market and it’s safe to say she’s a fan of the pretty color and mild flavor.

Ami ate many local meals this week but highlighted a sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes. Tomatoes are finally in season and they are delicious! On the side she had vegetables, goat cheese and corn on the cob.

Dawn made New potato salad with garlic-olive oil sautéed Swiss chard and dandelion greens and roasted local white onions, and Chinese chicken salad with locally grown cabbage, tomatoes, scallions, flat parsley, cilantro, cucumbers (yes all local!) and organic bell and Evans roasted chicken. Sounds delicious!

foil blackfish and scallops from Lighthearted Locavore

Lexi the Lighthearted Locavore treated herself and her friends to a Grilled Scallop and Blackfish Medley wrapped in foil and a grown-up Peach Melba. 

Free Range Pork Chop, Corn and Baby Artichokes from Brave Potato

Erin, at the Brave Potato, cooked up a free range pork chop with baby artichokes and more corn! Simple, summery and delicious!

first homegrown tomato from Brooklyn Forager” />
And our Brooklyn Forager, Kristin, made a medley of salads using all local vegetables including the first tomato from her own crop!

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One Local Summer Week 6: Northeast

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Melissa’s husband whipped up a local meal of bison meatloaf, mashed turnips and carrots and sugar snap peas. A great meal that she didn’t have to cook!

Sandra made use of local greens and made a delicious salad. It’s also the first corn of the season and with such good ingredients simple is the way to go.

Mama Urchin was very ambitious this week and made some spelt bread to serve with baked chicken and roasted beets. She proves that cooking is truly a learning experience.

Ami got creative with some green beans by adding lots of flavor and serving with bread and smoked hummus.

Leslie was inspired by raspberry picking at Highland Farms and fresh whole milk. She made some homemade vanilla ice cream topped with raspberries, a la Thomas Keller.

Erica at the Brave Potato brought a local snack out on a summer day - beautiful sugar snap peas!

Lexi the Lighthearted Locavore made a Pale Ale Marinated Steak with sliced turnips, roasted potato and garlic scape pistou, grated zucchini with thyme, and grilled pale ale onions and garlic.  Even the pale ale was local!

Regina made her local meal this week at breakfast.  She made fried tomatoes, eggs and hashbrowns.  Yum!

Robin, our South Jersey Locavore, made two local meals for the challenge this week - an egg and vegetable scramble with peppers, onions and mushrooms, and beef kabobs with a mountain of veggies.

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Week 6: Western Region

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wow, they must be having some really nice weather out west, because my OLS participants seem to be doing anything BUT blogging.

Too busy living life to write, perhaps? But lucky for me, I have a few determined people who post every week without fail, so there’s always something new for me to read and enjoy.
Joan of Old Dog…New Tricks is finally back home from her trip to Norway, and celebrated her 35th wedding anniversary this weekend with an all-local tomato-bread salad. I can’t wait to hear about her travels, and the local foods she encountered in her travels.

Anita of Married…with Dinner tried her hand at making kimchi this past week, and although that experiment wasn’t successful, she used kimchi and other local ingredients to make Korean Rib-Eye Tacos.

Kathleen of Our Life in the Country made a lovely BBQ tri-tip (hers with blue cheese), served with turnip mashed potatoes and a salad of fresh figs and yellow tomatoes. I can’t think of a more delicious way to celebrate summer.

Hopefully next week our participants will spend a little more time in the kitchen, and bring the rest of us up to date on the wonderful things they’ve made!

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One Local Summer Northeast Week 5

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Melissa made a delicious breakfast before departing for the Dominican Republic. Even amid fabulous summer vacations people are finding time to eat locally!

Mama Urchin celebrated the 4th in style with a good old fashioned barbecue, done locally of course. She even cans her own barbecue sauce!
Sandra provides a lesson in using swiss chard along with her local meal of a local chive omelette with blueberry pancakes for the kids.

Leslie from CCDwell made a “Valley Forge Breakfast” that brought back some childhood memories.

Ami, my fellow Marylander, mixed up some local grape tomatoes with mozzerella and basil. A classic that I’m sure is improved by fresh, local seasonal ingredients.

Holly cooked up some patriotic mole covered ribs along with some beautiful wilted cabbage.

1st-corn-of-summercapresesaladSteak chard and onions

Lexi, our Lighthearted Locavore, made a lovely comfort Fourth of July feast with grass-fed top round beef from Arcadian Pastures, parsley pesto and chard.

In South Jersey, Robin centered her meal around the first appearance of corn on the cob.  She complemented the fresh corn with soft tacos made from local beef, onions, peppers, and cheese.

Regina also had a first new vegetable pop up at her CSA - tomatoes! She showcased the beautiful tomatoes by creating a caprese salad with basil and mozzarella on a bed of greens. 

Erin from veggicurious made a local stir-fry with cabbage, lettuce and even local tofu! She included a recipe for us to give it a try as well.

And, finally for the Northeast, Kristin the Brooklyn Forager experimented with homemade pizza featuring local mozzarella and pecorino-style cheeses, garlic scapes and tomato puree from her CSA.  It was a learning experience to be sure!

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One Local Summer: Southern, week 4

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hard to believe we’re already a month in to One Local Summer, but judging by recent heat and humidity levels, I think it’s safe to say summer is well underway. Here’s a look at what we’ve been eating here in the Southeast.


Caroline of Burrow House shares a mouth-watering peach toast, served with sausage and cabbage, and makes her own butter when a trip to the market comes up short.


Kristina the Tennessee Locavore shares a week full of locally-sourced meals, including one entirely local day whose meals consisted of:
  Breakfast: local eggs scrambled with feta and local garlic scapes.
  Lunch: local beet greens and swiss chard sauteed with local bacon, served with steamed local new potatoes with local butter and dill. 
  Dinner: pizza with local potatoes and leeks and local goat cheese (and a sourdough crust to avoid using yeast!)
  Dessert:  homemade peach granita made from local peaches (recipe included). Inspiring!

Melissa of Bridgman Pottery cooked up a goat cheese, swiss chard and basil pizza and a refreshing cucumber buttermilk soup; she reports the soup can also be used to make a savory gelato—great idea!

Sarah at A Girl Named Go puts high quality ingredients to use in a breakfast favorite, using fresh bread from a local bakery to make French toast, topped with homemade vanilla yogurt and fresh berries to replace the syrup.

North Carolina

Melissa of Rabbit Hill Farm fortified her family for their “ultimate reuse/recycle” summer project with a warmed tomato and zucchini salad, organic chicken and smashed red potatoes.


Elizabeth of Caveman Food shares a meal that looks lovely, even if she wasn’t totally in love with it—green onion burgers, slaw made with kohlrabi and basil, and golden zucchini with basil, sauteed up with a little lard.

Keeping Up With K catches up with a quick report of recent salads dressed up with berries and more from her CSA and markets, including herb-infused salad dressings.

Jasmine of Knitting 40 Shades of Green had a pre-travel, “fridge-clearing” omelet this week of sauteed onions and zucchini, cherry tomatoes, Anaheim pepper, refrigerator dried basil and pickled jalapeno slices.

Nancy of Learning As I Go takes advantage of the abundant summer squash at market now to adapt a Martha Stewart “pot au feu” recipe and came up with quick summer vegetable stew with sauteed honey/red-pepper chicken cutlets. As an added bonus, see her adventures in making homemade ricotta (or paneer).

Nana Sadie got fresh bread, cabbage (for slaw, of course) and the first beets from her CSA, which she roasted for dinner and ate alongside a steamed summer squash.

Carolyn of Walnut Spinney shares her husband’s impressive all-local brown bag lunch, comprised of ruby red beets, steamed and sliced, zucchini and yellow squash in browned butter, sugar snap peas with garlic-soy sauce (recipe included), Harvey House slaw, sliced cucumbers in vinegar and a slice of locally raised and smoked ham.

Here at FoodieTots we enjoyed a “BLT” Fettuccine with local bacon, tomatoes, chard, and a favorite, sun dried tomato fettuccine from Smith Meadows Farm.

Washington, DC

Erin took the plunge and started a blog, New at the Market, to facilitate sharing her local eating experiences. (Congratulations, Erin!) This week’s meal was a fresh salad with ramp vinegar dressing, making use of the fabulous vinegar from West Virginia’s Bigg Riggs Farm.


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Week 4: Western Region

Wow, can you believe that we’re almost at the 1/3 way point for One Local Summer already? And we’re just now getting into the thick of the growing season, where everything is plentiful. If the first four weeks have flown by so quickly, I’m almost sad at how quickly this summer will be just a memory.

Anita of Married with Dinner joins us this week with a Mexican egg dish called huevos motuleños, which pairs a bunch of fresh veggies (peppers, onions, tomatoes, and more) with black beans, eggs, cheese and ham on corn tortillas. It sounds like it’s right up my Mexican food lovin’ alley. Yum ^2!

Lauren of Shooting Stars of Thought hosted an all-local feast this week, featuring salad, mussels and clams (although one of the mussels had a hijacker!), Womack chicken, roasted veggies, grilled corn on the cob, local wine, and fruit salad for dessert! Sounds wonderful!

Rounding out this week is Kathleen of Our Life in the Country who has had blazing hot weather this week and has eaten indoors pretty much every day. This week she shares with us a very summery meal of pork chops, a nice butter lettuce salad, and yellow chard.

With the real hot part of summer just starting, I’m looking forward to seeing what is new in the upcoming weeks. I know that I’ve been eating lighter as it gets hotter, I wonder if that holds true for everyone else. We’ll see…

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One Local Summer Week 4: Northeast

Monday, June 29, 2009

Leslie from CCDwell has been experimenting with new ingredients including rhubarb, something I’ve always wondered about. She picked (yes, literally picked) out some rhubarb and strawberries to make a sweet, tart and tasty pie. She also shares an easy recipe for stewed rhubarb.

I am very jealous of Mama Urchin who had the opportunity to dine at her CSA farm with dozens of other local diners, farmers and chefs. Sounds like a magical event! She dined on a beautiful salad, mixed grill, potato salad and of course dessert, with plenty of local wine to wash it down. What a perfect way to celebrate the summer solstice, although I think every day should be a day to celebrate great food and where it comes from.
3646741616_2d706cc8f8 3649740158_d23b997208

Sandra was still celebrating her recent trip to Rhode Island with a bi-local dinner of trademark greens and goats milk feta from Rhode Island served with local PA turkey tenderloins. What a great way to appreciate regional specialties.

Melissa made a full dinner for two after returning from the Anselma Farmer’s market with pork chops, potatoes and blueberries paired with other local goodies like maple syrup and wine. Her maple glazed porkchop is a neat idea and the meal is absolutely stunning.

Portabello mushrooms have such a great meaty taste and texture and Ami made great use of them with an Open-faced Portabello Stack with Chevre spread. I love that she started with an idea but modified it with what was available at the market. Her open faced sandwich sounds like it would satisfy even a burger lover, so what a great thing to keep in mind for something to throw on the grill at your next Bbq.

Our South Jersey Locavore, Robin, has hit on a local favorite in her house - her bacon-wrapped scallops.  This week she served them with a summer vegetable salad with squash, onions, zucchini, and a salad of tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. 

Regina continued her quest for local seafood and got two local meals together in the process. She made sauteed soft shell crabs, pasta with garlic scapes and olive oil, and carrots and broccoli sauteed with rosemary from her garden. The leftover pasta made a second meal of sauteed asian greens and pan-fried pasta. 

Erica, at The Brave Potato, also used leftovers creatively to make a summer grain salad with wheat, radishes, cucumber, turkey and parsley with a light dressing. 

In a different approach to local eating this summer, Rae was on the road and had a great local meal at a brewery.  She had a burger and fries made from locally grown beef and locally baked bread, along with fries and a locally brewed beer.  It’s great to see summer travel making local eating even more fun and interesting!

Lexi the Lighthearted Locavore hunted down some apparently huge (!) local fluke fillets which she served with an asian-style slaw with cabbage, radishes, and apple.  Her dressing even used a locally-sourced vinegar and local honey!  She includes a yummy recipe for the Asian Cole Slaw.

Erin, from veggicurious, cooked up multiple local meals this week.  She created a late spring Pho with tofu, snap peas, carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, broccoli and jalapenos.  She also had a last minute meal, made from the benefit of a well-stocked local pantry, with rainbow chard, a fresh egg, heirloom tomatoes and garlic scapes.

And finally, Kristin the Brooklyn Forager pulled together a small cocktail hour with local vegetables including radishes, a rainbow of carrots and garlic scapes, locally-made hummus, several local cheeses and a local baguette. 

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One Local Summer: Southern, week 3

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer is here! A busy week for many of us, and a couple of us outsourced our local cooking this week for some spectacular on-the-farm dining. Read on…

Caroline of Burrow House had a hearty cookout meal of ribeye steak on the barbie, grilled squash, slaw, tomatoes and kale chips.

Kristina the Tennessee Locavore enjoyed chilled curried yellow squash soup with cilantro-lime puree, roasted green beans, and a peach cobbler with ice cream made of local milk, cream, and honey.

North Carolina
Sarah at A Girl Named Go normally reports from Tennessee, but traveled for hiking with family in Eastern NC this past week and happened upon a local food restaurant, where she enjoyed a garden platter of sautéed collard greens, cabbage (with a very smoky flavor), a delicious potato and leek au gratin and a side salad of arugula with goat cheese, apples, spiced walnuts and candied onions. Dinner was followed with dessert at a town ice creamery.

Melissa of Rabbit Tree Hill was under the weather this week but still managed to send in a quick report of a large mouth bass and Asian slaw dinner. (Hmm, I guess cabbage is our theme this week!)

Elizabeth of Caveman Food cooks another local, gluten- and dairy-free meal, this time of roast Polyface Farm chicken with peach gravy, braised kale and cucumber salad.

Jasmine of Knitting 40 Shades of Green stuffed bell peppers with a mixture of ground beef, cabbage, garlic and more peppers, and enjoyed them with a bean salad with chunky tomato dressing and feta.

Nancy of Learning As I Go was too busy to blog her meal, but reports that she also served chicken this week, this one grilled with McCutcheon’s Vidalia Onion Mustard and spring onions, served alongside roasted zucchini, summer squash and red onions, and a quick pickle salad of local cucumbers and carrots.

Nana Sadie reports that she is growing tired of salads, but got her first taste of garlic scapes from her CSA this week.

Carolyn of Walnut Spinney shares a recipe for traditional iron skillet cornbread, which she served with venison and cabbage for dinner and topped with homemade peach preserves for dessert.

Sylvie of Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener and I (FoodieTots) attended dueling summer solstice farmland feasts on Saturday night. Sylvie was one of the coordinators of the Rappahannock County dinner at Mount Vernon Farm in Sperryville, VA, enjoying the culinary magic of Chef Cathal Armstrong (Restaurant Eve). My husband and I spent an enchanting evening savoring Loudoun County’s early summer bounty, prepared by Chef Tony Chittum (Vermilion) on the grounds of our CSA farm, Potomac Vegetable Farms. I can’t speak for Sylvie, but I left feeling re-inspired to make the most of our local foods this summer, and reconnected to the farmers and land from which it comes. (For good measure, I also brought a few local items to a Father’s Day picnic at a local winery.)

See you next week! - Colleen

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OLS: New England/Int’l Week 3

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ok, seriously?  It’s still raining?  There’s been a few peaks of sun, but just rain, rain, rain!  Admist all the rain though, New England is still cooking up tasty local meals!

Let’s see what New England (and England!) cooked up this week:


Sally at Diario cooked up two local meals this week.  The first meal was burgers from farm raised cows and tasty sausage.  The second meal utilized the leftover sausage and onion marmalade with mashed new potatoes and yellow beans.  To top off the 2nd meal she had lemon meringue pie with local ice cream.  That’s the way to go!  (I made a mistake and posted this meal as her week two meal when it was really her week 3 meal.  Her week 2 meal consisted of potatoes, asparagus and a poached egg.  Sorry Sally!)


Annika from Northeast Kingdom Localvores cooked up a local meal by accident, but was tasty none the less!  She had spinach & cheddar omelet with a salad made with greens from her garden.


Laurie at Nelson Grove made a meatloaf (total comfort food!) and served it with asparagus, cranberry sauce and salad.  Perfect food for this weather.

Leslie at dreams and bones made an absolutely delicious looking chicken cacciatore with what produce was in season now as well as some things preserved from last season.


Mangochild at Living in a Local Zone baked her own wheat baguette and paired it with a dish of navy beans with peas, cucumber, basil, green garlic leaves, and some dried red pepper.  For dessert was strawberries with fresh mint!

Sophie at Late Bloomers Farm made a simple meal of collard greens and ham.  She also used a pepper from last season that she dried and saved.

New Hampshire
Kristin at The Family Kitchen made delicious creamed spinach with braised short ribs.  Now there’s one yummy meal!

This week I (at Living the Local Life) made a few different sides over the course of the week.  This included sauteed beet greens with bacon and walnuts, a simple egg and greens breakfast, as well as local popcorn!

Colleen   at Penny-Wise People had some local Cape Cod fare while traveling.  She enjoyed fresh caught fish, grilled, with a side salad of New Hampshire greens that she brought along.

Amy at What Did She Do Today? cooked up mini steaks in a yummy marinade and steamed turnip greens and pea tendrils on top with a side of mashed spring turnips.  For dessert she enjoyed farm fresh yogurt with honey and strawberries.

(If I missed you, please let me know!)

Here’s to a sunny weekend!!


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One Local Summer Week 3: Northeast

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ami (sorry to leave you out the first time!) made good use of her CSA and made a vegetable frittata with new potatoes. They are a great source of protein for vegetarians or aspiring vegetarians out there, are inexpensive, can take on many flavors and are readily available at the farmer’s market. Nothing wrong with relying on them as a staple!

Holly from “The unintended by products of domestic bliss” made some not so everyday Pasta-Over-Easy with a unique twist. She added eggs, bacon, asparagus and mozzerella to some beautiful locally made pasta from the Italian Market. I’d been asking myself recently if it was possible to buy locally made pasta in the area and now I guess I’ll have to make a trip down to the Italian Market. I eat pasta a couple times a week and would love to upgrade from the boxed grocery store variety.

Sandra is on vacation in Rhode Island, but that didn’t stop her from eating local! Love the idea of eating regionally while on vacation. Seafood is a must while anywhere in New England, so naturally she picked up some clams and salmon to go along with some grass fed beef and a salad.

Leslie over at CCDwell made use of the abundant New Jersey blueberries. Who knw that Hammonton is the “Blueberry Capital of the World?” The virbant blue color and natural sweetness is just begging for a fresh blueberry pie.

Mama Urchin never fails to come up with artfully presented meals that are classic and elegant. Her lamb kebabs with cucumber and feta salad are simply mouthwatering. As always she provides the mileage for her ingredients and really goes out of her way to find local ingredients.

Melissa spent some time in Scotland, but still managed to come up with a beautiful light and healthy summer meal. She made a salad with turnip chips and served it with dill goat’s milk yogurt and chicken roulade. She’s certainly creative and makes great use of leftovers.

3649283834_4232317055 blueberries IMG_4517

Robin, in South Jersey, made, and I quote, “Yummy Honey Chicken Kabobs” and they certainly sound yummy.  She filled her skewers with loads of local chicken and vegetables for a great dinner on the grill.

Erica, at the Brave Potato, made a simple supper of roast turkey thighs with sage, broccoli and wheat berries.  She also put together a gorgeous dessert of apples, goat cheese and honey as she cleared out her cupboards for next week’s Pollinator Week in NYC. 

In another NYC local kitchen, Meghan created her First Feast of the Summer in true OLS-style.  She served a selection of cheeses, a local caprese salad, roast chicken with homegrown herbs, beets with goat cheese, and a plethora of salad greens and asparagus.  She also made several desserts including a mostly-local flourless chocolate cake.

Lexi the Lighthearted Locavore made black sea bass baked in salt, a salad of fresh greens and radishes, as well as sauteed spinach and broccoli rabe. 

Black SeaBass

Rae caught us up with two weeks worth of meals.  For last week, she made Grilled Chicken thighs with Rosemary, Braised Sugar Snap Peas and Spring Onions, Mashed Turnips, and Heirloom Tomatoes and Homegrown Basil.  This week, she made Roasted Vegetable Paninis using squash, onion, zucchini, tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan (procured when Rae was locally in Italy) on locally-made bread.  She finished off the meal with homemade strawberry ice cream.

Kristin, at the Brooklyn Forager, made crostini with sheep’s milk ricotta and fresh herbs, crabcakes, and spelt risotto with green garlic and fresh peas.

kabobs-300x225finished product

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One Local Summer: Southern, week 2

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It seems like summer only just began and yet we are already nearing the end of strawberry season here in the south. Of course, there are still plenty of leafy greens filling up those CSA boxes, and this week’s meals incorporated garlic scapes, leeks, cabbage, chard, spinach, kale and more.

North Carolina
Melissa of Rabbit Tree Hill prepared a dinner of very local, garlic-braised venison, home-grown Japanese Long cucumbers, and, in a last-minute substitution any parent will understand, not-so-local jasmine rice.

Tennessee Locavore had an abundant week of summer squash and salads, and shares recipes for polenta with garlicky greens and potato leek soup.

Sarah of A Girl Named Go joins in this week with a quiche, and solves the local-flour dilemma with a potato crust. Sarah also mentions a favorite cookbook to draw inspiration from, Simply in Season.

Burrow House shares a full day of local eating, from whole wheat pancakes at breakfast, to eggs, snap peas and beets for lunch, and for dinner, a spinach and squash quiche and salad topped with radishes, raspberries and blue cheese dressing (recipe included).

Sylvie at Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener writes “Of Hot Dogs and New Potatoes” this week, as well as savory oven tomato preserve (from last summer), steaks, and an eye-catching dessert of minty strawberry sorbet, topped with vanilla whipped cream and red fruit medley (strawberries, alpine strawberries, raspberries and currants).

Keeping Up with K makes a veggie-laden frittata with asparagus, chard and parmesan cheese—and dishes up a great tutorial to a perfectly cooked frittata.

At Nana Sadie’s Place, Nana Sadie learns to love Swiss chard, topped off with some fuschia radishes.

Elizabeth of Caveman Food intended to make a meal of kale, potatoes, and Cibola Farms buffalo sausage (a favorite of mine as well), but was distracted by a trip to the zoo. I’m sure the dinner was just as good the next day. smile

Nancy of Learning As I Go took local eating on the road with a visit to family in Washington state’s Skaggit Valley, enjoying organic baby carrots, heirloom tomatoes (!), strawberries, rhubarb, and grass-fed hamburgers. 

Jasmine at Knitting 40 Shades of Green made a savory crepe incorporating garlic scapes and dill in the batter and filling them with squash, sweet potato, onion and feta.

And at FoodieTots, we grilled garlic scapes to accompany buffalo steaks, had homemade slightly-local brioche, and savored the first cherries from DC’s Eastern Market (at a Kids’ Restaurant Week event at the market).

District of Columbia
Erin checks in from the District this week with some more of those gorgeous strawberries. Erin doesn’t have a blog so here’s her full report:

“Technically, this is local meal #3, but since I neither photographed nor wrote up a description of my last meal, I’m thinking it doesn’t count. (In case you’re curious, though, it was another tartine—same Atwater bread, same delicious goat cheese, but this time with sliced tomatoes and a side of strawberries.)

Today, I made a very simple potato salad with baby red potatoes, yogurt from Blue Ridge Dairy, chives, salt, and pepper. I had that with a slice of country white bread from Atwater, toasted with some butter from Blue Ridge. And, I had a bowl of strawberries. I’ve learned my lesson about strawberries—eat them the day you get them, on the way home from the market if possible. They go bad so quickly…

I was able to visit two farmers markers today—Mt. Pleasant and U Street. At the U Street market I picked up some fresh fava beans, which I am so excited to use (any ideas?). I’m actually looking forward to the labor-intensive shelling, even. I just hope I got enough. I also got some kale that I am planning to saute with garlic and white beans sometime this week. That will definitely not count as a local meal, though, what with the canned beans.”

Updated 6/19: I missed this entry from Walnut Spinney in VA, but wouldn’t want you all to miss her lovely local tail-gating lunch of egg salad, with homemade mayonnaise and homemade crackers, peas, turnips and berries. It’s not always easy to eat local while on the road, so I’m always impressed when people manage to plan ahead and do so.

It’s been a little drier around Virginia this week, and summer squash and berries have begun to appear at the markets. Here’s to another delicious week of local eating!

- Colleen


Posted by OLS Southern Regional Coordinator on 06/17 at 02:23 AM

Week 2: Western Region

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Well, it was a quiet week on the West coast this week, with some participants out of the country, and others not doing much blogging at all this week. So while the roundup may be small this time around, those who did participate came up with some really creative dishes!

Anita of Married with Dinner made Risi e Bisi (Venetian Style Pea Risotto), which looks absolutely fabulous. It must be great to have a local source of arborio rice, but I’m looking forward to reproducing her recipe with ingredients I can get in my neck of the woods.

Beany of The Middle Way whipped a spicy vegetarian meal of Stir Fried Brown Rice with Yellow Squash and other CSA veggies. I’ve never tried sambal oelek myself, but her description makes it sounds like it’s just the thing the dish needed!

Last, but not least, is Kathleen of Our Life in the Country, who made a hamburger casserole that has a little bit of everything in it - quinoa elbow macaroni (the only non-local ingredient), olive oil, ground beef, kohlrabi (diced), green garlic, summer squash, onion, marinara sauce made from last summer’s tomatoes, along with yellow cherry tomatoes from this week’s CSA box. Loving the variety! I’ve been to do something similar at the end of a week to use up veggies in my fridge. It’s a mishmash of yum! smile

I’m hoping to see more entries from our other participants next week - with the way this summer is flying by, I’m happily surprised when any of us have any time to cook. Until next week!

Posted by OLS Western Regional Coordinator on 06/16 at 07:31 PM

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