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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Registration for One Local Summer is now closed.

For several years, Liz from the now-defunct blog Pocket Farm organized and hosted One Local Summer, a challenge to prepare one meal each week using locally grown ingredients.  I really enjoyed participating, and was sad to see Liz close up shop.  In that grand tradition, Farm to Philly is hosting its own One Local Summer project, specifically for the Mid-Atlantic states (Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia)Edited to note: Farm to Philly will now be hosting the entire One Local Summer project - national and international participants welcome!

Participants will be expected to make one meal each week using locally grown ingredients (we use the typical 100 mile radius definition - your definition may vary).  The permissible exceptions to this rule are oil, salt and pepper, and spices.  June 1 is a Sunday this year, which makes it the perfect day to start the challenge!  Make your meal and post about it on your blog (or send us an email with details if you don’t have a blog) - we’ll swing by on Sunday each week to get the details, and a post will go up here on Monday detailing the fantastic meals everyone had the week prior.

The final day of the challenge will be Sunday, August 31. 

I found this to be a really motivating challenge over all, and it really challenged me to find new sources for locally grown foods.  Your meals don’t have to be fancy and complicated - just made from locally grown ingredients!  Interested?  Leave a comment and we’ll keep you posted!

Posted by Nicole on 04/27 at 07:02 AM

Last OLS 2007 dinner!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ta da! One Local Summer 2007 has been successfully completed!

OLS dinner 2007 #10 - 0826 - 01

One Local Summer 2007, Dinner Menu 10

  * Homemade whole wheat pizza (McGeary Organics/Annville Flouring Mill - 94 miles) with tomatoes, onion, yellow and red bell peppers, garlic (all from Blooming Glen Farm CSA crop share - 5 miles), basil (Bux-Mont Hydroponics - 5 miles), white sweet corn (Lancaster - 84 miles) and cherry bomb hot peppers (our garden - 0 miles). Nonlocal ingredients used: yeast, olive oil, salt
  * Red and yellow watermelon (Blooming Glen) and peach (New Jersey - 40 miles) fruit salad.
  * Proprietors Reserve red wine (Chaddsford Winery - 48 miles)

I absolutely considered going all out with several recipes for the last meal, but thought this simple meal was much more representative of the spirit of OLS. Simplicity in making big changes with little effort. Simplicity too, in finding joy in small things; like cutting open a watermelon and discovering buttercup-yellow flesh instead of the expected pink.

OLS dinner 2007 #10 - 0826 - 02

Hm. Actually, now that I think about it, this dinner wasn’t exactly simple. I’d never made pizza dough before. Not that it was complex, but there’s a little bit of a learning curve to work into the math there smile

And that’s what OLS has been for me these past ten weeks: doing things that I never before had an excuse to do. Making pizza dough and tortillas, going to the Skippack farmers’ market and discovering artichokes, finding several local vegan protein sources - shit, me just purchasing flour to bake was an unthinkable prospect before this summer. I mean, really… I look at this and am just plain surprised with myself:

OLS dinner 2007 #10 - 0826 - 03

As much as I love to cook, and love local foods, I can truly say that I never would’ve made a pizza from scratch had is not been for the challenge of OLS. Nor would I have considered using corn as a topping. But! These were all good decisions!

Thank you, Liz! You are amazing and inspiring and fun.

With the the picture-taking, planning, deadlines and posting, I’m happy to have a short break from these meals each week , but I’m sure local-specific meals will maintain a somewhat regular appearance here until OLS 2008. I’m interested to see what I can some up with say, in February. Stay tuned!

Posted by Mikaela on 09/02 at 08:03 PM

Feed me, Seymour

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I can’t believe the One Local Summer challenge is already in its fourth week!  Where does the time go?  Liz decided to make the challenge good for ten weeks this year and it seems insane that it’s almost the halfway point already.

This week’s OLS meal was a simple one - grilled Delmonico steaks, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  Simple, but delicious!

One Local Summer - Week 4

The steaks were from Natural Acres, who has a stand at the Lansdowne Farmer’s Market every Saturday.  I’ve also purchased their beef at the Fair Food Farmstand in Reading Terminal Market.  I grilled them up pretty rare, which was just yummy.

Speaking of Natural Acres, when I visited their stand at the Lansdowne Farmer’s Market last weeked I asked about goat milk [they sell raw milk and pastured eggs at the stand, as well as meat].  They plan to start offering up goat milk at that location very soon.  This is exciting news, especially for the cheese makers amongst us!

I feel weird raving about mashed potatoes, but the batch I made last night for the OLS dinner was…well, amazing!  I know, I know - they’re just mashed potatoes.  Two weeks ago we received a bag of potatoes from Elm Tree Organics in the CSA share, with an email promising that the taste would be unique and fantastic.  I was skeptical - I mean, potatoes are potatoes.  These somehow had a much fresher, potato-ier taste to them, though - and they made perfect mashed potatoes [along with some local milk and butter]. 

Not to leave the green beans for last - they were from my garden and perfectly wonderful!  You just can’t beat lightly steamed green beans straight off the vine.

The only things not local in this meal were the salt, pepper, and olive oil [brushed on the steak].

Posted by Nicole on 07/18 at 08:42 AM

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