One Local Summer

Week 13: Western Region

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

All good things must come to an end, and that is especially true with One Local Summer. I can’t believe that there’s already a chill in the air, with autumn just around the corner. It makes me wish that there was a “One Local Fall”, because the best of local eating is yet to come. Either way, I’ve come to enjoy the posts of the Western participants, and am so glad I got introduced to their blogs through this event. Thanks, everyone, for the amazing dishes we’ve seen over the course of the summer.

Joan of Old Dog…New Tricks ate a wonderful gratin of zucchini and tomatoes, and then finished her meal with a raspberry and peach crisp. Like me, she plans on continuing to eat local as long as produce is available. I applaud her dedication.

Laura of (not so) Urban Hennery was proud of the fact that except for the condiments, her meal this week was 100% homegrown, and consisted of grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, and sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. How awesome it must be to have your foodshed be your own backyard!

Kathleen of Our Life in the Country made not one, but two local meals this past week, and had a feast of riches - a pot roast that was cooked low and slow in the oven. Later in the week, she had company over and had barbecued tri-tip, mushroom risotto, and spinach. Wow, impressive spread she’s got there. 

And that’s it - the end. And hopefully also the beginning of a renewed commitment to eating local. Hope I see you all back here next year!

Posted by OLS Western Regional Coordinator on 09/02 at 08:14 AM

One Local Summer: Southern, week 12 & 13

Wrapping up the summer here in the Southern region with a 2-week double-header report. It’s hard to believe fall is already here but I think I speak for the group when I say we’ll be continuing to celebrate our local food sources well beyond the end of the challenge.


Kristina the Tennessee Locavore reflects on “a world where we don’t have to see the consequences of our actions, at least when it comes to the meal on the kitchen table.” She describes her guilt at catching fish for dinner, and the need to treat our food and farmers with respect and reverence. She cooked the trout with brown butter sauce and capers and served it with roasted Dragon Langerie, Masai and Purple Trionfo Violetto beans from her garden; for dessert, a blueberry cornmeal cake made with local blueberries and local cornmeal.

Melissa of Bridgman Pottery is also in a contemplative mood, reflecting on making more with less, and shares a meal of corn grits topped with sausage, roasted eggplant, garden tomatoes and basil.

Sarah of A Girl Named Go finds room in her produce-crowded kitchen to make homemade roasted red pepper hummus. Is there any better party appetizer?

District of Columbia

Erin of New at the Market prepares a simple meal of Russian banana peppers, a hard boiled egg, tomato slices and berries, just like in France but without that gorgeous scenery (or obnoxious tourists).


Nancy of Summer Sky: Learning As I Go made Julia Child’s mayonnaise for local BLTs, that quintessential sandwich of summer, along with cold corn chowder last week; she went all out for the final meal of the challenge and made all-local, totally-from-scratch vegetable lasagna. Even the noodles! Go check it out.

Jasmine of Knitting 40 Shades of Green attended the 7th annual Slow Food dinner at Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm, and documents the local feast for the rest of us to experience vicariously. Personally, I’m drooling over the crab cake atop fresh sweet corn.

Nana Sadie of Nana Sadie’s Place found all the ingredients for ratatouille in her CSA bag last week, another perfect end-of-summer dish.

Here at FoodieTots, we round-tripped north in pursuit of artisan, farmstead local cheese (including a visit to the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival), preserved a small batch of tomatoes, made cold plum soup, and plotted to keep the “eat local” love alive into the fall harvest. Please stop by and share what you’re cooking or preserving for winter.

Thanks to Farm to Philly for hosting another great OLS year. See you next summer!
- Colleen

Posted by OLS Southern Regional Coordinator on 09/02 at 03:29 AM

Week 12: Western Region

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The signs are all there that summer is winding down, and with summer, we’re close to the end of One Local Summer. With only one more week to go, it saddens me that summer is over almost as soon as it started.

Joan of Old Dog…New Tricks used local fish and veggies to prepare a Jamie Oliver recipe of Pan-Baked Lemon Sole with Spinach, Olives and Tomatoes which she served with roasted potatoes and steamed green beans. What a great combination of flavors and an excellent way to use late summer produce.

Anita of Married…With Dinner combines my favorite summer flavors of tomatoes,. mozzarella and basil in a lovely pasta dish that highlights them all.

Kathleen of Our Life in the Country talks about the side she made to go with her weekly dose of flank steak - a Tomato, Potato, Onion and Zucchini Gratin. With summer winding down, she’s preserving some of the harvest for later on, and learning as she goes.

Can’t wait until next week - I’m hoping my west coasters will end the event with a bang!

Posted by OLS Western Regional Coordinator on 08/26 at 07:21 AM

One Local Summer: Southern, week 11

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It’s another light week, and behind schedule to boot, here in the Southern region. Hard to believe that September is just around the corner!


Kristina the Tennessee Locavore comes clean about her tomato addiction, with several of her favorite recipes for these juicy fruits of summer.

Melissa of Bridgman Pottery prepared a local meal of stewed okra, tomatoes, peppers and Arkansas rice, but spent most of her week putting up a great deal of food for winter.

Sarah of A Girl Named Go struggled with a lack of abundant local seafood at the shore, but found a new way to use up squash as lasagna noodles.

District of Columbia

Erin of New at the Market shared a healthy salad of baby greens topped with cherry tomatoes, apricots and sunflower seeds.


Nancy of Learning As I Go spent a week in Michigan where they enjoyed roasted green beans, beets, and onions, plus steak marinated with local cherry wine and garlic. For dessert, fresh-picked red raspberries.

Jasmine of Knitting 40 Shades of Green made eggplant with peppers and cheese and a sweet corn and squash soup.

Nana Sadie of Nana Sadie’s Place returned from vacation to a bumper crop of yellow pear tomatoes, which found their way into a fresh bruschetta for dinner.

Here at FoodieTots, eating local became a family affair with extended family in town and a whole lot of family gatherings. Menu items included black & blueberry muffins, peach gelato, peach cobbler, tomato-cheddar salad and more.

- Colleen

Posted by OLS Southern Regional Coordinator on 08/20 at 01:38 AM

Week 11: Western Region

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This year has truly been a “blink and you’ve missed it” summer. Can you believe we only have two weeks of One Local Summer left? I feel as we’ve only just begun…

Joan of Old Dog…New Tricks made great use of late summer veggies (like eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and onions) by making a flavorful Roasted Ratatouille. It seems as though it was the perfect pairing for grilled London Broil.

Anita of Married…with Dinner enjoyed nature’s bounty in the form of a local pasta dish in which the first of her tomatoes was definitely a centerpiece. When paired with local garlic, olive oil, cheese, and herbs from her garden, it was truly summer on a plate.

Laura of (not so) Urban Hennery put together an amazing looking dish of julienned zucchini topped with a red sauce made with homegrown tomatoes. What a nice light way to celebrate the end of summer!

Last but not least, Kathleen of Our Life in the Country broke out the grill again. She barbecued some flank steak and topped it with BBQ sauce she made earlier this summer. This fabulous local meal was rounded out with a yummilicious salad.

With the harvest in high gear and no shortage of veggies available, my West Coasters truly inspire. Can’t wait to see what they come up with in the final couple of weeks.

Posted by OLS Western Regional Coordinator on 08/19 at 03:30 AM

One Local Summer Week 11: Northeast

Melissa tackled a quintessential summer barbecue favorite, the pulled pork sandwich. She went the extra mile and made a barbecue sauce from scratch. The pork butt cooked all day in the smoker but the results were well worth it. She served it with corn and peaches with feta cheese.

Leslie made an old standby recipe, a simple quiche with tomatoes and basil. Her hens crank out about 8 eggs a day, that’s a lot of eggs! Quiche is a very simple recipe that I’ve been making a lot of lately, but Leslie takes the extra step of making her own pastry dough from scratch. It’s beautiful and I’m sure delicious.

Posted by OLS Northeast Regional Coordinator on 08/19 at 12:31 AM

One Local Summer Week 10: Northeast

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This week Melissa and her husband put together tacos with homemade taco shells and a bison filling. I’d also like to know more about her canning and preserving she’s been experimenting with!

Mama Urchin put a summery twist on a classic potato hash. She added lots of vegetables and topped it with a soft boiled egg. Sounds like a great simple breakfast or brunch idea!

Leslie gets bonus points for using ingredients from her own garden and hens. Doesn’t get any more local than that! The description of her frittata is truly mouthwatering.

Lexi at the Lighthearted Locavore created another seafood feast - this time Long Island flounder and Peconic oysters with meuniere sauce and some beautiful corn.

Kristin, the Brooklyn Forager, made a savory fruit salad using watermelon, peaches and basil. 

Posted by OLS Northeast Regional Coordinator on 08/13 at 11:06 AM

One Local Summer: Southern, week 10

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Maybe it’s the heat, or just summer travels, but it was a light week for reports from the Southern region. Here’s what those checking in made this week, with homegrown, CSA-raised and market-sourced fresh ingredients.


Kristina the Tennessee Locavore muses that she would have a hard time finding non-local food to eat during this point of summer, describes her week’s worth of simple watermelon and feta salads, BLTs and a dinner of steamed vegetable dipped in garlicky homemade mayonnaise. She also explains the need to can even in 90-plus degree weather, writing, “I also like remembering the farmers I bought from in the summer during a time when it seems like winter will never end. Those little jars remind me that summer abundance will come again, no matter how dark or dreary the days seem.”

Melissa of Bridgman Pottery makes a lovely tomato tart with polenta crust, topped with pesto mayonnaise sauce, and a dessert of “cheater” peach sorbet.

District of Columbia

Erin of New at the Market falls for baby eggplant at the market and improvises a recipe for grilled eggplant with caponata salsa.


Sylvie at Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener shares a recipe for sorrel vichyssoise, perfectly refreshing for these hot summer days.

Keeping Up With K harvested their first Purple Russian tomato and celebrated with a create-your-own-party-salad dinner.

Here at FoodieTots, we ate simple, market-sourced meals all week in honor of National Farmers Market Week, including this Tomato Peach Panzanella that combines my three favorite summer ingredients, tomatoes, peaches and sweet corn.

- Colleen

Posted by OLS Southern Regional Coordinator on 08/12 at 02:32 AM

OLS: New England/Int’l Week 9

Onto week 10!  Where has this summer gone!


Sally at Diario is in the U.S. on vacation!


Annika from Northeast Kingdom Localvores is away on vacation as well!


Laurie at Nelson Grove made a scrumptious last minute meal of meatloaf (local BBQ sauce on top) with an emphasis on the sides of various veggies.

Leslie at dreams and bones cooked up chicken that came in during her vacation and paired it with a side of Swiss chard and a zucchini sauteed in mint and garlic.  Tasty!


Sophie at Late Bloomers Farm enjoyed roasted chicken with potatoes and broccoli.  You have to love those simple local meals!

New Hampshire

Kristin at The Family Kitchen cooked up what, to some, was a tasty meal of Linguini and Clams Casino.  Me, not a clam fan!

Amy at What Did She Do Today? threw her 3 year old a OLS-style birthday party!  Right down to the honey sweetened cake!  Happy Birthday Mini smile

(If I missed you, please let me know!)


Posted by OLS New England Region & International Coordinator on 08/12 at 02:58 AM

One Local Summer Week 9: Northeast

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ami grilled up some balsamic marinated eggplant and stacked them with local tomatoes and chevre. She also featured local ingredients in a spinach pasta and a caprese salad.

Melissa made blackberry pancakes from scratch and got to enjoy the smell that filled her house for the rest of the day. Even the syrup was local!

As always, Mama Urchin made a beautiful and impressive meal. This week it was an herb lamb patty plus she made her own dough for a veggie pizza.3767328082_977ed50632

Leslie also featured eggplant like Ami but instead opted for a roasted eggplant spread a la The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. What a great thing to bring to a party to share.

Lexi the Lighthearted Locavore wowed us again with another seafood feast.  She made Grilled Local Swordfish and “Swimming” Tuna Steaks with Creamless Cream Corn, Kohlrabi and Carrot Slaw, and two homemade pies with local ice cream and homemade peach-rasperry compote.  Yum!

In these slow hot days of summer, Erin at veggicurious made two meals for OLS this week - a Summer Bread Salad with a medley of vegetables and feta cheese and a Summer Tortilla Soup with loads of fresh tomatoes. 

And over at The Brooklyn Forager, Kristin joined forces with a friend and created a locavore dinner party for friends.  The menu included watermelon and heirloom tomato salad, grilled baby bok choy in a spicy vinaigrette, Mexican-style corn and Flying Pig pork chops with a peach-chipotle salsa.  Dessert was a mixed berry crumble with freshly picked berries from a recent trip to Vermont.

Posted by OLS Northeast Regional Coordinator on 08/05 at 02:33 AM

OLS: New England/Int’l Week 9

Into August we go!  Here in NH we’re celebrating NH Eat Local Month and everyone in New England and England are enjoying the bounty of the season!


Sally at Diario is in the U.S. on vacation!  Enjoy Sally!


Annika from Northeast Kingdom Localvores has been consistently cooking up fully local breakfasts.  This week she highlights and egg, cheese and greens omelet with sausage.


Laurie at Nelson Grove enjoyed clams, crabs, and corn multiple times this week.  She’s fairly clammed out from what I read!


Sophie at Late Bloomers Farm feasted on grilled ribeye steaks and a tasty summer salad.

Mangochild at Living in a Local Zone made a savory vegetable quick bread and a simple tomato, cucumber, peach and scallion mixture.

New Hampshire

Kristin at The Family Kitchen evoked a childhood memory and enjoyed cooking up squash and eggs.  She offers up two different ways to prepare the meal.

This week I (at Living the Local Life) made a zucchini beef bake in the microwave.  It’s a nice way to avoid heating up the kitchen with the oven and still get a nice meal on the table.

Colleen   at Penny-Wise People enjoyed quite a few local meals last week.  These included meal-sized salads, eggs and bacon, grilled chicken with ratatouille and more!

(If I missed you, please let me know!)


Posted by OLS New England Region & International Coordinator on 08/05 at 03:27 AM

Week 9: Western Region

2 of 5 of this week’s participants live in areas that are in the midst of a heat wave, so there are a lot of salads this week. Can’t say I blame them, I’d be doing the same exact thing!

Joan of Old Dog…New Tricks is sweltering in Portland with 100 degree plus weather, so hasn’t felt like cooking at all. Instead, she has eaten out or made salads. She tells us about one of her favorites, a beautiful Caprese salad made with mostly local ingredients.

Anita of Married…with Dinner found herself inspired by a local fishmonger, who offered fishes that were caught off of Monterey, which she bought and fried whole. Served with a chili-tamarind sauce, it was a thing of beauty.

Laura of (not so) Urban Hennery joins us again this week. She’s also in the midst of a heat wave and has been trying to eat without cooking, but found the time when she got a break from the heat (all the way down to the 80’s!) to make a nice pasta sauce with all homegrown ingredients. Looks divine!

Beany from The Middle Way changed gears a bit this week and made a local breakfast scrambled eggs, bread, fried potatoes and a strawberry smoothie. I can’t think of a tastier way to start the morning!

Kathleen of Our Life in the Country had company over and made a veritable local feast of BBQ lamb, roasted beets and other veggies topped with a vinaigrette and goat cheese, another local salad, rosemary bread and dipping sauce, and finishing with melon for dessert.

I’m hoping the heat breaks so my West coast people can get some needed relief!

Posted by OLS Western Regional Coordinator on 08/05 at 01:16 AM

One Local Summer: Southern, Week 9

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Coasting into the home stretch of summer, with sweet corn, tomatoes, melon and peaches as far as the eye can see .... here’s what our Southern cooks whipped up this past week.


Kristina the Tennessee Locavore feasted on tomatoes and beans galore, including dinner of shelley beans, collard greens with local bacon and corn bread made with local corn meal, buttermilk, and some cracklins we made from local lard.

Melissa of Bridgman Pottery used up quite a few languishing vegetables in her meals this week, including a baked eggplant-tomato-feta dish and a crustless cherry tomato and feta cobbler.

Sarah at A Girl Named Go checks in with another meal on the road, this time from Barbara Kingsolver’s Harvest Table restaurant in Meadowview, VA.

District of Columbia

Erin of New at the Market made “eggs in the 10th circle of hell,” and you’ll just have to click over to her blog for the story.


Carolyn of Walnut Spinney is back with fresh blackberries and homemade honey wafers, a simple dessert to follow an easy dinner of tomato-mozzarella salad and grilled squash, onions and potatoes.

Jasmine of Knitting 40 Shades of Green made gazpacho and a carrot and apple salad with some of Bigg Riggs early apples. (Does anyone else start to hyperventilate when apples turn up next to the peaches on the market tables? Maybe it’s just me.)

Nancy of Learning As I Go whipped up gazpacho with the ingredients on hand after returning from a family trip to the beach.

Here at FoodieTots, we had a rainy day supper of cantaloupe soup with ham and basil, buffalo steak, and Swiss chard; earlier in the week we enjoyed all-local squash blossom succotash crepes. (I’m sure OLS participants are well aware that it’s National Farmers Market Week this week, but if you’ve got kids, I’m hosting a kids at market photo contest this week.)

- Colleen

Posted by OLS Southern Regional Coordinator on 08/04 at 07:47 PM

OLS: New England/Int’l Week 8

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Everyone here in New England are enjoying the summer sunshine, and delicious eating as well.  I’m fairly certain everyone is happy to be seeing the sun!

Here’s what we’re eating:


Sally at Diario scrambled up some eggs with courgettes (zucchini) and put it on top of toasted bread.  Yum!


Annika from Northeast Kingdom Localvores cooked up minute steaks with potatoes and mixed garden veggies.


Laurie at Nelson Grove enjoyed a few local meals this week.  From clams and local root beer to pizza…all sounds delish!


Sophie at Late Bloomers Farm made great use of her grill this week.  She enjoyed grilled sausage, portobello and kohlrabi slices.

Mangochild at Living in a Local Zone went raw and ate raw corn on the cob with raw peas and a fresh tomato.  She topped her meal off with a slice of peach bread.

New Hampshire

This week I (at Living the Local Life) owe you my blog post!  I made grilled whole chicken under a brick.  I will post that in the next day or so and get back to you!  Be on the lookout!

Kristin at The Family Kitchen made a delicious looking Scaccia ai Broccoli (double-crusted broccoli pizza).  Enough said!

Amy at What Did She Do Today? has been building chicken coops, but stopped for long enough to enjoy chicken with a simple herb rub, a mixed veggie saute and thinly sliced sauteed potatoes.

Colleen   at Penny-Wise People whipped up a simple stir fry.  The stir fry included chicken, carrots, snap peas, garlic, and onion greens.

(If I missed you, please let me know!)


Posted by OLS New England Region & International Coordinator on 07/29 at 03:13 AM

One Local Summer Week 8: Northeast

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Melissa took inspiration from Farm to Philly and Bobby Flay, but threw in plenty of her own ingenious ideas. Would you believe she turned a botched batch of pasta dough into pizza dough which she threw on the grill with plenty of local toppings?!

Mama Urchin went with a savory and sweet brunch of crustless quiche and something called a plum kuchen. She made it all the night before and simply heated it up the next morning. Way to plan ahead!

Ami, my fellow Marylander made a meal that I actually featured on my blog recently. Great minds think alike! We had both made potato and green bean salad with a honey mustard vinaigrette.

Dawn made a cabbage salad with tons of local summer produce. Glad she is enjoying the great summer vegetables like tomatoes and squash while they are in season!

Leslie made an impressive meal, with no power! I bet her pasta dish with homegrown zucchini tasted just as good in the dark.

Lexi the Lighthearted Locavore created a smorgasbord of local shellfish including Peconic Bay oysters, Long Island little necks and steamers.  She served this with a warm local potato and green salad with a mustard vinaigrette.  Yum! Recipes included.

Clams Oysters and Steamers” />

Erica at the Brave Potato visited the rooftop garden in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn and made a rustic pesto with swiss chard also procured from Brooklyn.

rusticpesto” />

In other Brooklyn action, Kristin, our Brooklyn Forager, made a dish of pan-fried local bluefish fillets with fresh salsa and a mixed green salad.  She also had a little local vino - Benmarl Slate Hill White.

Robin, the South Jersey Locavore, cooked up ranch steaks with a 10 garlic marinade that sounds fabulous served with sauteed farmers’ market mushrooms.  She also served a variety of summer vegetables including corn on the cob, squash and zucchini in a foil packet.
ols-week-7-and-a-half1” />

Posted by OLS Northeast Regional Coordinator on 07/28 at 06:34 PM

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